Dating a Demon

As it turns out, Amanda’s long-time pen pal isn’t just devilishly handsome – he’s an actual demon and the new King of Hell, and he has a proposal for her:

Marry him and rule by his side.

Considering his nature, Amanda is reluctant to become his eternal bride. Instead, she agrees to go on a date. They have, after all, been trading letters of hopes and dreams for years, and she’s always had a bit of a crush on him.

But on top of all the troubles that come with dating a demon, someone has decided to interfere. Someone who is more than willing to challenge the new king for the crown, jeopardize the millennia-long peace between Heaven and Hell, and straight up sabotage Amanda’s date.

That someone is Lucifer.


With characters and concepts derived from Dante’s Inferno and the Book of Revelation, Dating a Demon weaves mythology and lore into an epic fantasy tale of love and deceit, where archangels and demon lords battle for dominion over Heaven, Hell, and everything in between.